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State and County Fairs: A Calvacade of Aluminum Trailers!

Posted by Ken Carlton

Aug 28, 2013 8:16:00 AM

horse in aluminum trailer, corrugated metalAugust and September are traditionally the time for state and county fairs across the U.S.  All around America, county and state fairs are drawing thousands of people for a day, week, or month of fun, family times. Today’s fairs are celebrations heavy on the “unique” fried foods, carnival games and rides, and live music.

Some of the more famous and well-attended fairs include:

  • State Fair of Texas (Sept. 27-Oct. 20, 2013)
    In its 127th year, this massive fair drew more than 2.5 million last year and includes complete auto show that covers 300,000 sq ft.
  • Minnesota State Fair (Aug. 22- Sept 2, 2013)
    With over 1.7 million attending last year, this fair is heavy on the livestock and dairy!
  • Los Angeles County Fair (Aug. 30-Sept 29, 2013)
    As far as county fairs, this is the largest and most heavily attended with close to 1.4 million coming in 2012.

Aluminum trailers that carries livestockThese massive modern events began as much smaller concentrated affairs. County and state fairs got their starts in the 19th century as a way to promote modern farming methods and equipment.

The very first county fair was held in Naperville, Illinois in 1841, while the first state fair launched that same year in Syracuse, New York. Though what passes for entertainment has radically changed in the past 172 years, the modern fairs still shine a light on agriculture and livestock.

Most fairs have some sort of livestock-judging aspect, whether it is the prestigious and massive Iowa State Fair Sale of Champions or a smaller local show like The Grange at the Boone County Fair in Belvidere, IL.

No matter the size of the fair, those who bring livestock to these fairs need high-quality trailers for their (hopefully) prize-winning animals. If you attend any size fair the odds are good that you will see corrugated aluminum trailers from some of the biggest names in the industry including, Featherlite, Kiefer Manufacturing and CM Trailers. All of these amazing companies, utilize the corrugated aluminum for their products because it is a durable, lightweight, and fuel-efficient material.

So the next time you visit your local fair, be it a smaller local venue or a giant state event, don’t just eat your weight in fried foods, also take some time out to notice all the innovative aluminum trailers that make all the fun possible! To learn more about Featherlite, Kiefer Manufacturing, and CM Trailers, please visit their websites. 


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